Dawou Tarraxo

Since 2019, Dawou has been an integral part of the 'Vivez Votre Kizomba' (VVK) taxi dancer team, founded by Gwany. His role within the team extends beyond participation to crucial responsibilities in organization and management. His tenure with VVK has been marked by a significant enhancement of his dancing skills and the establishment of a strong foundational knowledge in dance.

In his journey, Dawou received invaluable guidance and mentorship from Gwany and Liliana de Lima, who played a pivotal role in advancing his understanding and skill in Kizomba, especially in the Tarraxa and Tarraxo styles. Their support was instrumental in Dawou's development as a dancer, enabling him to reach new heights of proficiency.

Traveling globally with the team, Dawou's commitment and practice elevated his dancing to a highly skilled level, preparing him for a future in teaching. His active participation in various festivals and workshops, and his involvement in private teaching sessions, have significantly contributed to the evolution of Tarraxo, a dance that embodies the deep rhythms of the earth.

Between 2021 and 2023, Dawou assisted Gwany in the creation of the Tarraxo School in Paris and London, teaching on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, respectively. His weekends were dedicated to teaching at festivals, a commitment he continues to uphold. This involvement has been crucial in spreading the Tarraxo dance style and enriching its global presence.

Dawou's experiences reflect the rich cultural diversity of each country he visits, with each festival showcasing unique dancing styles and each setting requiring a distinct approach. His work in the Tarraxo Movement, in which he has been a key figure in its propagation, showcases a unique fusion of energy that is both intense and profound. Dance, in this context, becomes a medium for expressing emotions and thoughts beyond the capacity of words.

As a certified Tarraxo Teacher since October 2020, Dawou stands as a prominent ambassador of this dynamic dance form, continuously promoting its cultural significance and richness.


My Story

2017 – 1

In 2017, he begins his journey at the School of Tropical Latin Dances by Isis Figaro. He then discovers the world of Kizomba and all related styles. The renowned Espรฉrance OUSMANE teaches him Kizomba.

Dawou, who is very passionate, improves his skills and exceeds the limits of his potential. He participates in many workshops during Parisian festivals. He learns from the best and progressively defines his own style.

2017 – 2

In September 2017, he participates in a Tarraxo workshop with Gwany & Kizzy.
In October 2017, he broadens his playground by joining DJ SAร SAรโ€™s taxi dancers team and participating in many festivals.

2018 – 1

From September 2018 to June 2019, Dawou completes his training in a school specialised in Kizomba with Anais Millon. In December 2018, Dawou meets again Gwany, international teacher and founder of Tarraxo.

2018 – 2

Dawou is more and more fascinated by this style of dance. Since then, the paths of Dawou and Gwany do not part any more. In parallel, the intensive training of musicality and pedagogy with Laurent Lishรน only confirms his skills.

2019 – 1

Since 2019, Dawou has become an important member of the VVK taxi dancer team โ€˜Vivez Votre Kizombaโ€™, also founded by Gwany. There, he is responsible for the organization of the team. Dawou established a strong base. He has intensified and developed his skills.

2019 – 2

Gwany is reshaping his knowledge in the basics of Kizomba, especially in Tarraxa and Tarraxo. Then, an exciting period of work and training with Gwany & Liliana de Lima begins.

2020 – 1

Dawou accompanies them in their travels around the world. He practices until he becomes levitated and thus obtains the skills for teaching others one day. From festival to festival, from workshop to private classes, he writes with them the history of Tarraxo, this dance that vibrates from the depths of the earth.

2020 – 2

Each country has its culture, each festival reveals each dancer, and each situation requires different requirements and a unique approach. Dawou has thus become an integral part of the Tarraxo Movement.

2020 – 3

He participates in diffusing and transmitting it and unites in a unique way around this connection of energy, both dense and intense. As it is the dance that connects and allows us to express what we feel โ€“ beyond words.

Since October 2020, Dawou is a certified Teacher for Tarraxo.


Every Tuesday with Kizzy we teach at the Tarraxo school.

“Gwany & Kizzy created the Tarraxo dance”


Every Wednesday, i teach at the Tarraxo London.

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