Diamond Lights of Kizomba is honoured to welcome Dawou Tarraxo (Paris 🇫🇷)

Dawou is a Tarraxo teacher and member of the Tarraxo Dancer Team, formed by Gwany & Liliana.

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the special workshop “TARRAXO”.

The workshop will focus on providing everyone, both beginners and intermediate dancers, a strong foundation of the techniques and basic body movements that is the key to understanding and dancing tarraxo. The workshop will also be an opportunity for you to understand how to listen to your partner in a tarraxo connection and how to let the music guide your dance. All these questions can be answered by Dawou and Agnes.

We are inviting you to enter the TARRAXO universe 🚀

Information details

Date: Saturday August 14

Venue: Dansskolan Urkraft, Sveavägen 128, Stockholm 🇸🇪

18.30-20.30 – workshop Tarraxo beginner/intermediate with Dawou (Paris) and Agnes (Stockholm)
20.30-00.30 – Social party with Dj Bangs (focus: urban, tarraxo, tarraxo softness)

Workshop 180 SEK
Social party 100 SEK
Workshop + social party 250 SEK

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the Tarraxo team 🇫🇷

Contact Mamadou Doumbia for any questions